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Hyungnam Kwon
 Tournament Director
Kukkiwon Coach

Professor, Vision TKD University

Ki Ho Kim
Chief Master, Korea MooMooKwan

Hapkido Association

  Cheol Ung Kim
Govenor, Korea MooMooKwan

Hapkido Association

Jung Ho Choi
 Tournament Director
Former WTF Referee V. Chairman

Former KTA & Kukkiwon Referee Chairman

  Jae Deok Jeon (Chun)
      Executive Tournament Director
    MooMooKwan Hapkido Asso. of USA

  Seong Yong Yun
Chairman, Korea MooMooKwan

Hapkido Association

  Young  Man Kim
Founder, Korea MooMooKwan

Hapkido Association

we invite you to the 2017 US Open World Martial Arts Championship to be held on August 12-13, 2017 at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This is a international tournament where Martial Artists from over FOURTY countries and from all across the United States will come together to compete and share their passion for the arts.   

respectively from all of us,



Seung H. Ace Kim
 Tournament Director - Taekwondo Div
U.S.A.T. Referee Chairman